Daily Scripture

Nehemiah 8:8

So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.

In Alma 29, Alma wishes he could share his testimony with the world. He understands the great blessings that come from a deep conversion. 

As part of this chapter, he focuses on how much he remembers the captivity of his fathers (both those of the Nephite nation and those of the Israelite nation, lessons he learned from the brass plates).

His discussion got me thinking about this section in Nehemiah.  After the Jews had been exiled from Jerusalem for 70 years, they again returned. That’s at least one generation. And remember, even those before the exile were wicked (thus the exile). 

So when they came back, they had either forgotten or had never really known their religious, spiritual heritage. They had to relearn what was important. 

So Ezra and others read the scriptures to them. But they did more than read. They helped the people “make sense of” and really understand the teachings. They helped them remember. 

The verses and chapters following teach about the dealings of the Lord with His ancient people. These teachings were to help those returning Jews “remember” so they could be converted. 

The same thing Alma spoke of. Remembering is vital to our going forward. We have to study and be familiar with how God deals with His children so we can know His expectations and His promises. 

The reason we study so much is so we can have an unwavering conviction of truth. 

I’m grateful study is so easily accessible to us today. We are so blessed.

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