Daily Scripture

John 11:35

Jesus wept.

I love the power of this simple verse. Jesus Christ, the Creator of the universe, the Lord of Lords, the Knower of all things, wept at the death of His friend. 

This is strictly my opinion, but I don’t think He was weeping for Lazarus. He knew what was coming. He also knew very clearly the scope of eternity and where Lazurus was. 

I believe He was weeping for Mary and Martha. He knew their grief and wept out of love and compassion for them. He truly mourned with them that mourned. 

That love and compassion extends to each of us. He knows our sorrows, our loss, our heartache. And He mourns with us, even though He knows the ultimate outcome. It doesn’t prevent Him from succoring us until the relief comes. 

I am grateful for a God who mourns. I want to have that same compassion for others who mourn. 

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