Daily Scripture

Genesis 19:17

…look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed.

Do you remember the story of Lot in Sodom? Lot had pitched his tent toward Sodom when he first established his house in Canaan. Eventually he moved right into Sodom amidst great wickedness. 

But the Savior was merciful to him, even in those questionable choices. He told him to get out of Sodom before it was to be destroyed. 

And then He gave the warning in this verse. 

I love the symbolism in this direction. Don’t look back to your past stupidity. Don’t look back to your worldly ways. Don’t look back to the wrong choices you’ve made. I’ve shown you mercy in leading you forward. Now don’t look back. 

But even more telling in the command is don’t stay anywhere near where you’ve been. It’s not enough just to leave the wickedness of the city. Get out of the plain (the whole surrounding area), and get where? The temple (mountain). Go to the temple and make covenants and protect yourself so you don’t get consumed by the wickedness. 

The story may be ages old, but it’s as current as today. Get out of the world and get to the temple. It’s the only way to not be consumed. Safety in the Savior.

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