Daily Scripture

Ether 2:5–6

5 And it came to pass that the Lord commanded them that they should go forth into the wilderness …. And it came to pass that the Lord did go before them, and did talk with them as he stood in a cloud, and gave directions whither they should travel.

6 And it came to pass that they did travel in the wilderness, … being directed continually by the hand of the Lord.

When reading the story of the Brother of Jared, we sometimes skip right to the part where they built the barges and crossed the sea. 

But before any of that happened, those people were having spiritual experiences and were being taught at the hand of the Lord. 

Directly after the Lord granted that they could go to a promised land, He told them to leave their current lives and go into the wilderness. It was a wilderness near their home, but one where no man had ever been. And they remained in that experience for 4 years. 

Sometimes He directs us to unknown wildernesses. 

But He was continually with them … in a cloud, so they couldn’t always see Him. 

He is always with us, directing us when we put our trust in Him. We don’t always see Him. But He is always near, always aware, and always helping us through the wilderness to His light. And sometimes it takes time. 

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