Daily Scripture

Doctrine & Covenants 42:61 ​

If thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive ​​​revelation​ upon revelation, ​​​knowledge​ upon knowledge, that thou mayest know the ​​​mysteries​ and ​​​peaceable​ things—that which bringeth ​​​joy​, that which bringeth life eternal.

All truth, wisdom, and understanding come from God through revelation. Sometimes we recognize it and sometimes we don’t. But any wisdom we gain is from Him. 

Brigham Young taught, “God has revealed all the truth that is now in the possession of the world, whether it be scientific or religious. The whole world are under obligation to him for what they know and enjoy; they are indebted to him for it all, and I acknowledge him in all things.” 

This is our personal link to heaven. With the gift of the Holy Ghost, we have claim on revelation upon revelation if we seek it and are worthy to receive it. That’s a wonderful promise.

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