Daily Scripture

Alma 9:8, 10–12

8 Behold, O ye wicked and perverse generation, how have ye forgotten the tradition of your fathers; yea, how soon ye have forgotten the commandments of God.

10 And have ye forgotten so soon how many times he delivered our fathers out of the hands of their enemies, and preserved them from being destroyed, even by the hands of their own brethren?

11 Yea, and if it had not been for his matchless power, and his mercy, and his long-suffering towards us, we should unavoidably have been cut off from the face of the earth long before this period of time, and perhaps been consigned to a state of endless misery and woe.

12 Behold, now I say unto you that he commandeth you to repent; and except ye repent, ye can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God. But behold, this is not all—he has commanded you to repent, or he will utterly destroy you from off the face of the earth; yea, he will visit you in his anger, and in his fierce anger he will not turn away.

Alma’s words to the wicked people of Ammonihah can and should resonate with us. We may not be in the same wicked state as this people, but the questions are still the same. 

Do we remember the great things He has done for us? Do we keep His commandments? Do we repent and call on the mercy of the Lord?

At times, we forget. And that forgetting leads us away from God and causes sin. It may not be the gross sins these people were guilty of. But any sin leads us away. 

So this morning, remember what great things the Lord has done for you personally. Even in the midst of affliction, how has He blessed, guided, and comforted you? 

He wants us to come. He wants us to see Him. He wants us to repent so we can draw on His power and be saved. 

But it’s our choice. If we don’t choose Him, He has warned that we choose our own destruction. 

Let’s not choose destruction. Let’s choose Him.

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