Daily Scripture

Alma 6:3

And it also came to pass that whosoever did belong to the church that did not repent of their wickedness and humble themselves before God—I mean those who were lifted up in the pride of their hearts—the same were rejected, and their names were blotted out, that their names were not numbered among those of the righteous.

Thinking a little about the Savior’s mercy this morning. I read a comment recently on social media in regard to a story about someone doing something against God’s will. It said, “May God have mercy on her soul.”  

I think that was said as an expression meaning, “I think they are doing something wrong.” But the expression doesn’t fit with what the scriptures teach about justice and mercy. 

I am grateful for a God of mercy. I pray that He has mercy on my soul. But the only way any of us can access His mercy is through repentance. 

If someone is blatantly breaking His commandments with no desire to change, they don’t have claim in Christ’s mercy. That’s just not how it works. 

As this scripture says, those who don’t repent have their names blotted out. 

I want us all to repent. But there will be many who choose darkness over light. To those, it’s as if an Atonement was not made. 

To claim mercy we have to come.

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