Daily Scripture

Alma 12:33–34, 37

33 But God did call on men, in the name of his Son, (this being the plan of redemption which was laid) saying: If ye will repent, and harden not your hearts, then will I have mercy upon you, through mine Only Begotten Son;

34 Therefore, whosoever repenteth, and hardeneth not his heart, he shall have claim on mercy through mine Only Begotten Son, unto a remission of his sins; and these shall enter into my rest.

37 And now, my brethren, seeing we know these things, and they are true, let us repent, and harden not our hearts …

These words are a balm to my soul today. I love the plan of redemption. In its simplest form, we have a merciful Savior who allows us to repent and be cleansed so we can enter into God’s rest. 

In so many ways I fall short. I make mistakes. I deliberately sin. I yield to my own will instead of the Father’s. I’m just learning, and I falter. 

But He, in His infinite love, has given me repentance so I can try again. 

I add my witness to Alma’s. Knowing these things are true (which I do), let us repent and harden not our hearts. ❤️❤️❤️

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